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Influence of Cryptocurrencies From Immediate Spike on a Trader

How was Immediate Spike able to influence the trader as a whole? This is a complete trading platform with all the capabilities of modern technology!



Immediate Spike trader is offered the most convenient forms of cryptocurrency with liquidity and acceptable conditions. Immediate Spike traders change their previous worldview by allocating a significant part of their crypto portfolio.

Crypto money offered by Immediate Spike is the least volatile, steadily growing crypto asset. In other words, the first cryptocurrency usually has a higher Sharpe ratio compared to most altcoins. Secondly, many altcoins often lose value over time (especially relative to the most common types).


Acquisition of Knowledge

Immediately before trading, a beginner needs to become thoroughly familiar with the features of this area. Immediate Spike claims that special attention is paid to statistics to identify patterns in cryptocurrency trading.

Additional knowledge in the future will greatly facilitate working with Immediate Spike. For example, during daily observation, you can determine the peak of Immediate Spike trading activity, which most often occurs at the beginning of the working day. Then, a slight decline in active trading begins to be observed closer to noon!


Technical Analysis

Technical analysis changes the consciousness of a trader because it is convenient in working with the stock and foreign exchange markets. Support and resistance lines, moving averages, and other instruments provided by Immediate Spike really help there. The cryptocurrency market is more volatile in comparison to the regular currency or stock market. However, cryptocurrency trading is far from being as effective since the movement of the crypt is largely influenced by the direct actions of traders.


Sober Assessment of Prospects

In the Immediate Spike trading process, in addition to chart analysis, approximate forecasting of the exchange rate of selected cryptocurrencies is also important.

Such a forecast can be made, for example, by assessing the dynamics of development of a given crypt provided by Immediate Spike, its expected popularity, and demand. When choosing cryptocurrencies to invest in at Immediate Spike, it is important to consider the choice between major coins and altcoins as well.


Purpose of Immediate Spike in Dealing With Cryptocurrencies

Minimal Risks

The Immediate Spike platform motivates new traders well by avoiding potential risks. The Immediate Spike platform minimizes the risks of using stable currency forms as the main format of online currency in virtual reality. In the cryptocurrency market, one dollar may be enough, but in the future, experts recommend investing in digital money at least a thousand and even tens of thousands of dollars. There are always risks, but thanks to the Immediate Spike working principles, they will be minimized!

Moderate Investment Size of Immediate Spike

The amount of money invested in the Immediate Spike project perfectly illustrates the prospects of cryptocurrency. Crypto investors from Immediate Spike make their choice, having insider information about the new cryptocurrency. Therefore, the potential of a particular coin directly depends on the amount of funds invested in the Immediate Spike project.

It happens that every experienced trader has personally proven methods for selecting the optimal trading currency. But most often, the indicators of these methods are all based on the same criteria. By how Immediate Spike users react to the news, one can judge the prospects of this cryptocurrency.

Immediate Spike $1 Trading

If people come to the market to trade, they must first learn this craft and decide how much money to start with. On Immediate Spike, you can start trading with even $1! You can make 100 trades with 1 XLM and not even have a $1 loss.

The Immediate Spike crypto market is often compared to fights without rules. The important thing here is not what amount to start with but how to calculate the trading volume from a protective stop correctly. Immediate Spike traders must first decide how much they risk in one transaction and calculate all the potential risks. It is believed that the trading risk in one transaction should not exceed 5% of the deposit and preferably be no more than 2%.

$1000 and Diversification

An average deposit on Immediate Spike can be considered a deposit of approximately $1000. In general, for many Immediate Spike traders, this is already an amount that is a pity to lose and which is interesting to work with.

It is worth focusing on the income that OTC activities bring to the Immediate Spike trader/investor. If a person earns $10,000 or more monthly, then, naturally, he/she will not be interested in a $1000 deposit. If a person earns $500-1000, then a $1000 deposit will be too much for him/her!

Basic Principles of Immediate Spike Online Trading


Start trading on Immediate Spike with free funds that you are not afraid of losing. It is better to store the bulk of your cryptocurrency savings in a reliable Immediate SpikeX wallet. These funds can be considered as long-term investments. Assets “frozen” on the Immediate Spike crypto platform may mean lost short- or medium-term profits for the trader since they are not involved in turnover.


The basic principle of Immediate Spike trading is based on fundamental factors. As before, the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile and unpredictable. The capitalization of cryptocurrencies is highly dependent on various fundamental factors that quickly influence the mood of Immediate Spike participants. Important and not-so-important news from the crypto industry can quickly “multiply by zero” even technical analysis layouts from the most experienced Immediate Spike traders.


This simple, effective and, at the same time, fundamental Immediate Spike’s principle of risk management is called “diversification.” Distributing risks through the use of various assets, wallets, and the Immediate Spike trading platform stabilizes the profitability of a cryptocurrency portfolio and protects against losing everything at once. Immediate Spike diversification not only reduces risk but can also increase investment returns!


The weekly timeframe from Immediate Spike can be used to review the general trend and dynamics of trading volumes. On the daily and four-hour charts, support and resistance levels are clearly visible. For more or less accurate entry into a trade, you can use hourly, 30- and 15-minute Immediate Spike timeframes.


Immediate Spike Is a Way to Start

What is Immediate Spike in simple words? This trading platform is suitable for both beginners and professionals in the field. Immediate Spike is not an echo of the past but a modernized online trading resource with all the advantageous amenities. Immediate Spike instructs each user to make it easier to navigate the site.

Immediate Spike is not just a trading platform where multiple cryptocurrency forms like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc., are available. Immediate Spike is an excellent guide for inexperienced traders who want to gain more with minimal investment.

Terminal technology and its convenience play a key role in the trading process. That is why such a trading platform is chosen carefully, assessing all the pros and cons.

You can listen to the opinions of experts or rely on reviews from other users, but the best option for testing a specific option is a demo account. To avoid wasting time testing each option on the site, test the trading platform independently.

Despite high competition and the abundance of options on the market, users – both beginners and experienced players prefer the most proven ones. As statistics show, the products provided by Immediate Spike are the most preferable these days!

Immediate Spike Functioning

The trading programs operate exclusively via the Internet. After all, these are not physical objects but virtual programs. Each of them includes two components, that is, a broker server, the main purpose of which is to transfer quotes to the player’s program, execute user orders, and record the deposits of all clients, as well as the trader’s terminal, which is the user’s working tool.

It allows traders to conduct trading activities, as well as control their own accounts opened with the intermediary.

Both of these components are combined into a common system, which creates the conditions for trade. Crypto traders can test their trading ideas and theories in a risk-free virtual trading environment by placing cryptocurrency CFD trades without using real funds. Thanks to advanced trading technologies, this trading platform provides charts of instruments on which you can trade.


Steps to Become One of Us

To become a professional cryptocurrency trader, you need to join our Immediate Spike platform! There are several steps that will help you understand the simple principles by which our online trading service works.

  • Step 1
    Registration and Opening a Demo Account

    Let’s start registering; this process is pretty simple. All you need to do is fill out one form and indicate your contact information. Immediately after registration, open an account. Our platform offers two types of accounts: a demo account and a real one. Since you are a beginner with no trading experience, then naturally choose a demo!

  • Step 2
    Training on How to Use the Platform

    To enter the crypto market, you will need to install a special program on your computer, a trading terminal provided by our broker. The terminal is necessary not only for making transactions. You will conduct technical analysis using various indicators and scripts according to the chart.

  • Step 3
    Trading Training

    You already have everything you need at this stage – a terminal, charts, and a demo account. And now, you can start mastering trading! First, you need to understand how a trader determines when to buy, sell, and sit and just watch the chart. Use utilities in trading as they make working in the financial market much easier.

  • Step 4
    Opening a Real Account

    If you have mastered the terminal, developed or borrowed a trading strategy, or created a trading robot, and your demo account is growing steadily, then it’s time to switch to a real account! Here, you will start trading with real money. So, continue to improve your trading strategy and develop new ones.

Immediate Spike – Prospective Trading Community

These days, there is hardly a person who has not once encountered cryptocurrencies and their meaning. Many advertisements and various articles talk about how traders easily and simply earn huge amounts of money. Somewhere, on the contrary, it warns that online trading is a scam and that sooner or later, you will lose all your money. Many are sure that only a select few can engage in trading, and to trade, you need a decent deposit.

In fact, everything is not so gloomy. Immediate Spike is a promising trading platform that helps traders become better, and thus, its team develops new ingenious strategies for investing in crypto.

Trading, like any other profession, requires certain skills, knowledge, and moral qualities. When trading, a trader must be able to quickly make decisions, correctly analyze mistakes, and constantly learn and improve. Before you start to deal with Immediate Spike, you need to decide whether you are ready to start trading on this platform, whether you will trade yourself or transfer your funds to management.



How to Understand That You Have Found the Right Platform?

You can create a demo account to fully familiarize yourself with the platform and its terms and conditions. If you, as a trader, are satisfied with everything offered, you may continue investing in the cryptocurrency that is convenient for you.

What Operating Principles Is Immediate Spike Based On?

First of all, this is a study of the fundamental factors of the crypto market today. This platform operates on the principle of minimal investment and freedom of action in the financial aspect. Thus, you don’t need great sums of money to achieve a satisfactory result.

What is a Demo Account and Why is It Needed?

On a demo account, trading is carried out with virtual money, and at the same time, trading itself is almost the same as on a real account. A demo account is primarily needed to gain practical experience, master the trading terminal, and select a trading strategy, advisor, or indicator. If you lose this deposit, then you simply open a new account and continue trading without losing real money.

How to Learn Trading on the Platform Independently?

All functionality must be studied at the initial step without delaying until later. Typically, the broker provides complete instructions for the installation and operation of the terminal. If you have become familiar with the platform, then you can study the trading algorithms yourself.


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Necessary Trading Services

Including charts and graphics to regulate your account, along with the cryptocurrency market analysis

Specially Selected Functionality

Clearly constructed principles of the site’s operation without unnecessary elements and tricks

Perfect Design

Created by lovers of visual format development for favorite users

Fair Use Policy

Well-thought-out policy and terms of use of the web resource

Price Policy

Absolutely free use of services on the platform

Convenient Deposit Options

Electronic wallets: PayPal, Pioneer, credit cards, wire transfers, and other available deposit options